No.5 Handbag Zipper ~ 4m with 16 pulls ~ White

No.5 Handbag Zipper ~ 4m with 16 pulls ~ White



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Voodoo No.5 Handbag Zipper with 16 pulls. 

Each pack contains 4m of zipper chain and 16 matching pulls. This packaging enables you to make single-slide or double-slide zippers of any length suitable for bagmaking.

The zipper pulls, teeth and tape will all be the one colour (*except for Black and White with Multi Pulls).

*Multi Pull Zippers come with 16 pulls (2 x each of Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Green and Purple)

Tape Length: 4m (157")

Tape Width: 33mm (1-1/4")

Teeth Width: 5mm (5/32")

Pulls: Metal, non-locking

Instructions for Attaching Pulls
The zipper pulls are not attached to the zipper tape in the package. You can easily attach the pulls as needed by simply sliding the rounded end (with two openings) onto the end of the tape. Do this by inserting each side of the zipper chain into each side of the pull, and carefully lining up the ends so they are even. Then, slide the pull onto the tape. Sometimes having a second person to hold the zipper tape can help when you are just starting out.