Iridescent Rainbow Zipper ~ 3m with 12 assorted pulls

Iridescent Rainbow Zipper ~ 3m with 12 assorted pulls



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This zipper has iridescent coloured nylon teeth but they have the appearance of metal teeth making it super easy to cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth. There are metal pulls included so you can create many single or double pull zippers. 

This size zipper is best used on the top of bags and the pulls are non-locking so they are easy to install and slide.

Qty: 3m Zipper tape with 12 pulls

Tape Colour: Black

Teeth: Iridescent Rainbow Nylon

Pulls: Iridescent Rainbow Metal (non - locking pulls)

Pull Styles included in pack: 
- 3 x Simple Heart
- 3 x Tear Drop
- 3 x Rectangle
- 3 x Simple Flower

Instructions for Zippers by the Meter
The zipper pulls are not attached to the zipper tape in the package.  You can easily attach the pulls as needed by simply sliding the rounded end (with two openings) onto the end of the tape.  Do this by inserting each side of the zipper chain into each side of the pull, and carefully lining up the ends so they are even.  Then, slide the pull onto the tape.  I recommend to mark the desired length of your zipper, then stay stitch each end before cutting.

Zippers by the yard are very easy to use, so please don’t be discouraged if your coil doesn’t line up perfectly on the first try!  With a bit of practice, you’ll realize just how easy they are to use!

PLEASE NOTE: The Iridescent Rainbow colour doesn't change colour, but does have the look of iridescence.