Fussy Cutting Viewers ~Templates

Fussy Cutting Viewers ~Templates

Lilabelle Lane Creations


“Fussy Cutting and English Paper Piecing are my addiction. I have learnt though that not everyone can pick up a piece of fabric and instantly see all the fussy cutting options that are available to them. This has lead me to designing these "Fussy Cutting Viewers" which, when teamed with a fussy Cutting Mirror, allow you to see ALL YOUR FUSSY CUTTING OPTIONS.
~ Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations.

They are so simple to use.

All you need to do is position your mirror where indicated on the template and then slide over your fabric. All of a sudden, fabrics that you didn't realise would be fun to fussy cut are now serious contenders in your next project and fabrics that you might have thought only had one or two options now open themselves up to way more options.

Your set will include:
3/4" Hexagon
1" Hexagon
1 1/4" Hexagon
1" Diamond / 6 Point Star
2" Diamond / 6 Point Star
1" Jewel (both Ways)
2" Jewel (both ways)
3cm 5 Point Star (for use with the La Passacaglia Quilt)

A fussy Cutting Mirror will need to be purchased separately and are available in a separate listing.

(Note: This is not a fussy cutting tutorial. It is a tool you can use to help you see all your fussy cutting options.)