Free Motion Slider Sheet ~ 18.9" x 11.8"

Free Motion Slider Sheet ~ 18.9" x 11.8"

Sew Mate


Item No. QC05

Size: 480x300mm (18.9" x 11.8")

It’s recommended that you use an extension table up to 24" x 18" (610x460mm) for better performance while free-motion quilting or quilting with templates. 

Slippery surface brings you a super smooth sewing experience.

Diamond shaped hole helps to reduce drag with hole edge while sewing and makes the work more smooth.

Non-slip back keeps the sheet in place while sewing.

It's washable material, the dust and lint can be rinsed out when necessary.

Bigger size design is available for big and small project.

The sheet may be trimmed by scissors to fit your sewing machine table.

Tear the cellophane off on back (non-slip) side before using.

Please roll it up and storage in the clear tube when not in use to avoid creasing.